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How To Date An Over 40 Woman When She Is A Vegan?

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Are you a omnivore who is dating a vegan? With increased awareness about harmful environmental effects of animal husbandry, health issues related to meat eating and many big celebrities and brands volunteering vegetarianism there are more people turned into vegan. If you are non-veg lover and happen to date a vegan women then the relationship can have some different twists that may not occur in dating people with same eating preferences. There is nothing weird in dating a vegan but the problem arises in selection of restaurant, ordering food on candle light dinner and buying your favourite leather recliner for the house.

Especially if it is a vegan dating over 40 then things are more complicated as singles over 40 are used to their life style and adjustment levels are bit low. If you are involved in thing called over 40 dating then we have come up with some very useful tips that can help you in finding a middle ground with minimal hitches in the relationship.

  • Open a line of communication: When you are dating a vegan woman then problems like you ordering non vegetarian on the date, selection of restaurant. Bringing meat in the house, buying animal product etc. will crop on regular basis. As you don’t want your partner insisting to turn yourself as vegan even she won’t like to be forced for eating meat. Its better you two open a communication line and work on some points acceptable by both. Separate cooking pots and separate dinner orders enjoyed together can be some of them.
  • Don’t keep a pre conceived notion for the partner: It has been seen many times that non vegans have preconceived notions about the vegans. They picture vegans as angry hippies who are there to rebel for anything and everything. But it is not the truth. Your partner can be vegan because of health issues, she is figure conscious, does yoga, is an athlete or play any other sport or have soft corner for cruelty against animals. Keeping an open mind can help in accepting things and settling on agreeable terms.vegan women dating
  • Keep your appetite open for vegan food: trying vegan food for your partner’s sake will only add the required warmth and love to the relationship. You don’t need to do it on daily basis but now when you are dating a vegan you may come across a dish or two which your partner might want you to taste. There are many vegan recipes which can be tasty too. If a dish is prepared nicely it will taste good, no matter it is vegan or non vegan.
  • Being prepared is the trick: Now that you are dating a vegan woman going to social parties can be an issue as your partner may or may not get the desired food choice on the event. You may notice she is always carrying a pack of hummus with her. Instead of getting angry try finding more ready to eat vegan food for her. She will like it.

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