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It has been long since the first dating sites for gays appeared, but there is still lack of reliable and effective themed platforms. Outpersonals.com can seem a good one but let’s see what exactly it offers.

The site is indeed one of the biggest ones as it contains over 1.5 million members. The number of up to 17 000 – 18 000 online members give a good opportunity to meet someone quickly. But the majority of them are looking to hookup so if you’re after something serious and long-term, it’s probably the wrong place for you.

If you’re a delicate and over-sensitive person, you won’t be happy with a pornographic content and intensive propaganda of polygamous sex on the site so better take this into consideration.

Since it’s just for casual sex, it includes not only gays but bisexuals and “simply curious” people. Many of them remain on the stage of virtual sex and you cannot arrange the real date with them. Outpersonals also hosts lesbians and bisexual women so it’s not completely for men. It’s critical for some users. Moreover, the database is full of couples looking for fun which isn’t acceptable for some gays.

The site administrators check and verify the profile in several ways so there are fewer fake profiles than usually on dating sites. The advanced search of the closest members is available. However, at the same time, there are automatic messages from the ghost users encouraging you to get a paid membership, and this is even described in their Terms of use if you read it carefully. You start to be attacked with messages immediately after creating the profile, which isn’t very trustworthy. But the same happens on many dating sites without losing the effectiveness. outpersonals dating

Moreover, the site administration doesn’t hide their intention to use your personal data in any way they like. There aren’t many handsome gay’s photos with witty profile texts over the Internet so if they like yours, you can be sure they are going to use it for creating new “ghosts” in their other commercial projects. It’s literally written in their Terms of use.

You can do quite a lot by just having a Standard membership, even create your own blog and join discussions. So you won’t feel lonely even without spending a bunch of money like on other sites. However, you can see details of other users’ profiles and chat only in case you buy a full membership. It isn’t costly though: 19.99$/a month for Silver membership and 29.99$/a month for Gold membership. 3-months and 12-months options are available with the discounts.

Sounds fair, but once you attach your bank card details, Outpersonals may charge you automatically without extra notification. It’s written in their Terms of use as well.

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But when you overcome all the disadvantages listed above, you discover a stylish and easy-to-use dating sites with all modern options such as public chat, private chat, live video messages, many kinds of ice-breakers, and themed online store. You can enjoy all the options only after upgrading though. The Gold membership places your profile on the Top list of members, gives a full access to all personal videos and provides 24/7 online support.

Outpersonals doesn’t guarantee much dating protection services. It demands a valid e-mail address for signing up, but that’s all. In case of any reported abuse, it promises to block the offensive user or delete the content. Other than that, you just have to be careful and reasonable meeting people through the Internet. Your personal data is protected in a modern way though.

The site isn’t dedicated to erotic chatting and messaging only. It is full of interesting content such as a gallery of themed photos, articles and blogs, detailed tips, live discussions and so on. Among the frequently asked questions, it also provides the tutorial on how to protect the kids from the adult content.outpersonals gay

In general, responses from the real users of Outpersonals.com are only positive and reveal quite a lot of success stories, if this term can be applied to the casual sex sources. The few complaints are:

  • model profiles among the real ones (easy to mix them and get confused)
  • many couples and bisexual people registered, so it’s hard to establish a lasting connection
  • the site isn’t updated often and there are plenty of inactive profiles

Aside from that, the feedback is good and the users even report to be “addicted” to Outpersonals with a constantly prolonged Gold membership. It’s a great place for meeting new people and having fun together. The platform serves the needs of all LGBT representatives including transgender people and pansexuals.

Andrew, 29: “It was easy for me to find a partner for one evening on Outpersonals but not someone for a lasting affair. I still visit sometimes looking to hookup but I use other dating sites for a serious search.”

Duke and Mike, 28 and 35: “We are a couple for several years now and we wanted something new. On Outpersonals , it’s easy to be understood and no one judges you. We found a guy with whom we spent an awesome weekend”.

Joy, 42: “I recently experienced a very painful break-up with my ex and had no idea how to deal with the depression. But with the help of Outpersonals I quickly found a nice young man who gave me very bright memories. Thanks.”

The conclusion: Outpersonals.com can be recommended to people who seek a one-night-stand fling or want to make some difference, but not to those ones who want a dedicated lifetime partner.

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