Correspondence with a foreigner.

russiawomenThere are a one hundred and one question that the brides would love to ask their future husbands during correspondence.

How can you ever get to know the man, only by listening to him and, of course by asking the right questions? How can you make the man see you only? That’s right! By listening and asking questions. How to do that he would answer your emails? Again, ask questions to the respondent so he was interested in answering them.

And it seems that there are so many things that we want to learn and ask … But often, when we write a letter, those things do not come to mind. That is exactly the case why we did our questionnaire. These questions will help you in correspondence. As well as help set other questions which are interesting for you and your partner?

How do you like to spend your evenings? What did you do yesterday evening and what are your plans for today? That is a perfect evening for you? Do you love going out or prefer to relax at home? How often do you take a vacation? How do you spend your vacation? Do you love to travel? What countries have you been? Do you prefer active or passive resting? Have you ever been in Russia? How many times have you been in Russia and therefore? Do you know Russian? What languages do you know? What was your favorite subject in school? What is your favorite holiday? What kind of cuisine do you prefer? Do you love or know how to Cook?dropwomen

Where do you typically have dinner? What do you prefer to drink at dinner? Do you smoke? Do you have a hobby? What music do you like? What movies do you like to watch? Do you love listening to the radio in the car? Do you love theaters? Do you exercise? What is your favorite sport? Do you love to read? Do you like computer games? What do you like more to give or receive gifts? What is your favorite color? Do you prefer to get up early if you love hanging out for a bit longer? What style of dress is your favorite? How far are your parents? How often do you seek out? Whether you come to visit your parents? Do your parents know what you’re looking for a wife in Russia? Tell me about your family, please. What did/do your parents? Do you have brothers and sisters? How often do you all meet together? Who is the head of the family in the home of your parents? Do you have children? How far your children (child) are are?

How often do you meet? How much time the children live with you? How do you spend your time together? What do you think, how they will react upon your future wife? Sorry if this is not an appropriate question, but why you did not have children in the previous marriage? If you don’t want to, then don’t answer. What kind of relationship do you have with ex-wife? Do you want a child in marriage? How long have you been divorced? What do you think, what is the reason for your divorce? With whom do you live? Do you have pets? I heard that abroad people prefer to rent a house than buy their own. Is it true? How many rooms in your House? What is the style of furniture in your House? Are you planning to move to another house after the wedding? You live in a city or in the countryside? Is there any public transportation in the city?

Whether your future wife can drive the car with Russian driving license? Tell me a little about your town/village/city? Have you met the Russians in their district? What do you think, what is your future wife will be able to do? Will she be able to find a job, if he wants? Is there a possibility to study in your town? Is there any English (or any other language) courses in your town? If suddenly starts a fire that you bear it with you out of the House in the first place? Do you have friends? Tell me about your friends? What is your education? Whom and where do you work? What are the relationships with colleagues? How long have you been working in this company and in this position? Are you happy with your salary? How do you see yourself in five years? How do you see your life in ten years? Tell me the funniest event of your life? Tell me the worst case of your life? How old were you when you first kissed? What is love to you? What do you do in the morning in the first place? Why are you looking for a wife in Russia?

What in your view of the perfect family?

All of those questions will help you creating a write opinion about the interlocutor and you will realize what his plans really are.