Dating Russian single women: tips

onlinesexukrdatingFor Russian-speaking people that live abroad, finding a loyal companion turns not so easy. Strange laws and mentality of local people severely limit meetings on the street, in parks, etc. (so popular in the former Soviet Union).

Language barrier and social status are crucial. Eventually, lots of Russian single women are lingeringly and vainly looking for a life partner. What is the first thing men and women pay attention to? What are good places for a date?

Finding an unengaged Slavic lady seems almost impossible, since they are so beautiful. Though, it’s not the case. There are two reasons. First, a large number of Russian men have no intention to marry, seeking for bachelorhood. Second, men are at a greater risk of death: with age, men and women ratio is just decreasing. That is why mature Russian ladies experience difficulties with their chances of marriage. So we have single people: men avoid getting married, while women meet no free men.

A lot of Russian single women seek to marry a foreigner. Though, before taking such decision thinking is a must. A little while after the wedding in a strange country, Slavic girls tend to feel frustrated, since some nuances remained unknown to them. A dream of a lonely girl becomes a punishment for further life.

Why do men in Russia avoid getting married? After all, their women are so beautiful and agreeable. Being married to a wonderful girl, a guy is afraid to miss a more beautiful one. It’s very likely in a country of beautiful girls, you know. Tying the knot, Slavic man signs a contract for obligation and commitment to the one and only girl. In this issue, they seek to avoid making a mistake. Sometimes , a man takes too long time to choose and finds himself in an old age, all by alone, no longer attractive for women.

Why do Western men literally hunt for Russian brides? They are willing to spend a lot of money just to marry a Russian girl. Some of them come to Russia several times to get things done!

There’s a general opinion: Russian girls are kinder, more caring, thrifty and happen to be very good wives. Women in the West are believed to be too materialistic, demanding and spoiled. To some extent, this is true. In everyday life, Russian women look better, dress more elegant, fashionable and tidier. At home, they seem to be more gracious and sweet.

How to meet a single lady?

Russian girls are easy to get acquainted with. Being polite, you have little chances of being ignored: at least a few words of communication are guaranteed.

Stop at the ticket hall and look around, ask one of those passing girls for help. Yes, such a scene might seem fantastic, you know, people of West are used to meet new people at some specific places, discos and clubs. Forget all strategies you are used to, choose a nice girl and approach her. The main thing is not starting with a too gaudy compliment. Inquire whether she speaks English, and ask for help, explaining this is your first time in their sub. Once fighting timidity, you are to feel more confident in this string of beautiful ladies, reminiscent of some fashion show.

How to behave on a date?

Not waiting for you to suddenly charm them, Russian single women avoid living in a romantic movie where everything is perfect.

Winning the trust of these girls is a long process, so be very careful and make no wrong moves. Behaving like a Casanova at the first date, you are to make her cold and suspicious. Magic word: seriousness. So, be attentive and surefire, avoid showing explicit sexual intentions or watching a charming girl that walks past your table.

And the main thing, do not show your frustration, if the first date is far from being spicy.

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