How to Fight Cultural Differences in Marriage with your Russian Wife and Stay Happy

russiandatingWhen people marry they expect their partner to be not only a lover, but also a friend, a person to share emotions, opinions, joys and fears with. We always look for a partner to understand our values, likes and dislikes. When the partners come from one and the same country, they have the same roots and are familiar with the same life style, values, culture, songs, books, jokes, movies, etc. In the international marriages things get more complicated since the partners come from different societies, cultures, countries, with different mentalities, values and visions of life, etc.

On one hand the partners are lucky to learn about each other’s culture, traditions; this is very exciting! On the other hand this experience can be disappointing as you may not understand your partner, share the same joys with him or don’t realize why he/she is frustrated about something.

For instance, you watch a very famous show on TV and your favorite comedian is performing his stand up. You burst out of laughter, but your foreign wife is amazingly looking at you. She doesn’t share your emotions. You cannot understand why she doesn’t laugh or is not as excited as you! You explain this person is very famous and are surprised why she doesn’t know of him. Your spouse is unable to understand your feelings and you are frustrated!

Be patient! Try not to get upset very quickly! Always remember that your wife has the same situation with you. You don’t know the same things about her country and her favorite singers, dancers or comedians. Take in consideration that you are lucky to live in your own country, but she lives in a totally new place, new surroundings, new culture, new people, everything new. She has no one to share her feeling with, but you.

Do research on her country, culture, mentality and life. Talk with her, ask her, and support her! You would be able to fight cultural differences with time if you put effort and patience into this process.

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