Russian Brides Boom is Caused by Bachelors Boom in Russia

husbandrussianwomenAccording to statistics there are over 20 million of single men in Russia. The number of them is predicted to grow by the experts. What are the reasons of bachelors’ boom in Russia?

First, the opinion about unmarried men has changed since the times of Soviet Union and unmarried men get more opportunities to build a successful career.

The second reason is unwillingness to start a family in difficult financial situation in Russia. Many men are afraid of this responsibility and prefer to start a family being financially secure and stable.  That is why the prevailing amount of bachelors in Russia, are the men up to 30.

The third reason is the sequence of the second one – lack of private apartment to start family. Many Russians womens after they get married live with parents or other relatives. A great number of divorces in Russia are referred to living with someone else in the same apartment or house.

Another great reason for bachelors’ boom is created by mass media’s propaganda. The image of bachelor has become very bright – it is a very successful, independent free man. Take, for instance Don Juan or James Bond, they are the embodiment of a perfect bachelor.  Men’s magazines focus on a ‘real’ man figure, who needs to change several girls during a month and it is considered cool.

Following the Western tendency many clubs for bachelors were opened in Russia. Bachelor has become a very prestigious social status.

In present days money rules the consciousness and present commercials center on a successful and independent bachelor, targeting at single men.

Russian women are not happy with this. They still want to have families. Due to the fact that the number of women exceeds the number of men in Russia and a great part of them are convinced bachelors, Russian women start looking for a life-time partner abroad among marriage minded foreigners.
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