What do Ukrainian women expect from a marriage with foreign partner?

moscowgirlEach woman has a unique perception of what she wants to see in her partner. Some women are looking for tall men, some for short, others for the men with brown eyes, or for the men with blue eyes. It is practically impossible to meet the requirements of all, unless you are a movie star, because all women like movie stars no matter how they look and what they think.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to distinguish the characteristics that women of the particular country are looking in men. Usually they are looking for the similar qualities in men, based on the socio-geographic and economic situation in the country they live. And although their preferences in men’s appearance are different, they are mostly looking for the same behavior patterns and traits of character.

In Ukraine, women commonly face a widespread problem – they are taken for granted by their men. But what does that mean? It means that men don’t appreciate anything that is done for them. In their perception, a good wife must cook, look after the children, do all the household chores, earn money and go to the grocery store all by herself. And while doing all the above mentioned things she must not complain or irritate husband with such annoying requests as to go out to throw away trash or walk the dog.

Naturally, women don’t like this. In fact they are ready to do all this, but with the condition that their work is appreciated and they receive some kind of gratitude, for instance flowers or small gifts. But Ukrainian men couldn’t care less. They are used to be looked after by their mothers and they are looking for the same care if they make such a feat and marry the woman they like.sexxx

After the wedding, their job is done – they have already made the woman the happiest in the world, and now it’s her turn to repay, only she will be repaying for the rest of her life, or until she will have enough and will leave him.

Due to this situation Ukrainian women are looking for kind, attentive and polite men, which they consider foreigners to be like. And it’s a commonly known fact that women in western countries are treated with much more respect. It’s especially unfair in the eyes of the Ukrainian women, as western women aren’t ready to bring that much on the marriage table – they don’t cook, they are concerned with their own careers and they will not allow any disrespect.

Ukrainian women are not looking for gorgeous and extremely wealthy men. They want to meet someone, who will be regarding them as equals and will be treating them with respect. They expect to find someone, who will be happy or at least willing to share the household chores or spend time looking after kids.

In marriage, where Ukrainian woman feels loved and appreciated – she will flourish and will make her husband the happiest person alive. If you are a decent and noble man, every Ukrainian woman will be happy to share her life with you.

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