What On-line Daters are Looking for?

Dating sites and on-line dating, thanks to their rising popularity, have become a less taboo recently. On-line dating offers an easier way to find potential dates. However, the process itself is still stressful. To make the dating less stressful, a survey was conducted over several dating networks.

The results show that about 79 percents of the people of different age groups are looking for a serious commitment. Only 21 percent of the asked population is interested in casual dating. Meanwhile, only 45 percents of senior personals are looking for a lasting relationship and life-commitment. This low number is really surprising!

Many people look for their potential partners at first glance. 42 percents of people, who took part in a survey say they find personal description in profile most important. Other aspects that are important for the initial contact are age, location and picture.

Some dating websites allow their members sending winks as a great ice breaker for the relationship. It is a great opportunity to say hello and attract attention of the person you like. However, only 38 percents of users are using it. More than half of on-line personals prefer sending introductory messages. 52 percents of dating sites members agreed that short message was the best. One quarter of people still prefers longer letters with interesting facts about the person.

According to survey one out of five people finds success on on-line dating services. This means that each fifth person moves his/her contact off the site into the reality.

Thus, the results of the survey are very promising. People, in their majority, still stick to traditional values, even though they use a contemporary way of matchmaking. Besides the fact that on-line dating gains its popularity day by day, it is also quite fruitful.